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Columns supports our users to preset design preferences in their profile, which includes default background, font and palette. Which serves the most desired styles, however they will enjoy easy variants of themes with one-click.

Theme browser

Theme browser can be opened inline at the right side the graph canvas. It lists all built-in themes for users to choose from. These themes are not tuned for specific scenario, they just represents some popular choices including

  • default light background
  • dark background
  • a few other variants.

Check out this for reference. Theme selection

More from Columns

Currently, theme selection is just a start of Columns template feature, future theme will include layouts, built-in widgets to help users to quickly get the final visual story they are looking for. Also we will continue tuning these built-in themes to make sure they are beautiful!

Personal themes

As time goes, we will also support users to save their own stories as theme templates, and they can be found in their own folder, also they can publish their theme templates in Columns template marketplace so others can discover and benefit from those creations.

Stay tuned!