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Entity is a real world object. It's very useful as a resource to provide useful info in data analytics. There are a few common entities that we see often

  • business
  • country

Along with these entities, there are useful properites we can manage such as

  • aliases
  • domain name (website)
  • logo

As a basic knowledge base, currently we only have one entity repo, and will be expanded to every single user who can create and maintain their own entity repo.

When to use

In some scenarios, we want to link or display extra information when those entities show up in the data. Sometimes they are a code, sometimes they are aliases, we use name as unique identifier of every single entity, with lower case format.

For example, when analyze business data, a LOGO may be showing up if the business name is found in our repo. Another exmaple, a country flag may show up when the data is keyed by country name.

Simple to Complex

Entity management could be very complicated, as a new concept on Columns, we try to make it as simple as possible. As you may see, there could be huge differences in their properties for different typed entities, this could evolve into a complex thing. But hope not, at least we will keep this document updated.

Crowd source based management

Please hit to maintain our entity repo. Permission maybe required.