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Data warehouse

Data warehouse connections provides a SQL-oriented approach for you to build up a data catalog. We firmly believe that, with modern data stack arise, you can do all your data modeling in your data warehouse.

At the same time, Columns is the only presentation layer you need to discover, build and share your data insights easily in scale.

For warehouse connections, Columns provide a SQL IDE, you can write and test your SQL query, save it as a live data connection.

How it works

The way how it works on Columns side, Columns will execute the SQL query to fetch its results and cache in Columns distributed storage for a certain interval of time defiend by user, this keeps data freshness at user-defined level, and provide super fast data analysis performance. That's why our users always experience low-latency even when they analyze with real Big Data in an interactive slice/dice fashion, enjoy the speed!

Snowflake demo

Please refer this video on how to connect your data warehouse.