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? Can I connect to a database?

Yes. Though spreadsheet is the most popular source. Database connections are supported. Some databases are already in support list, some are under development. Please talk to us which data source you're working with.

? Can I choose a different sheet when connecting Google Spreadsheet?

To simplify the connecting process, Columns always connects to the first sheet. If you want to connect to other sheet, please move it to the first position in Google Sheet and then connect.

? Can I customize a chart?

Columns presents a canvas, you're not only can customize a chart but nearly every visual element on it. Check out an example to learn how to customize: range override

? Can I setup preferred styles?

Columns allows each user to preset their styles including Color Scheme and Font. The settings are located in profile page.

? Does it support team feature?

Columns supports team feature, though it is at its very early stage. Here are some supported basics:

  1. Support SSO integration through SAML. (OKTA)
  2. Support redeeming multiple codes which creates a team automatically.
  3. A team admin will be able to manage its members.
  4. A member can switch between their personal workspace or team workspace easily.