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Time series

This is not a data connector but an outstanding feature for all data sources that Columns is doing very well at.

Check out this demo to have a quick peek on how Columns handle time series data, watch Time Series.

Enable time series

No matter which data connection you're making, if you have one or more column that contains recognizable time value, you can turn on time series.

The recognizable time value formats are:

  1. UsDate: 'M/d/yy', 'MM/dd/yy'
  2. UsDateFull: 'M/d/yyyy', 'MM/dd/yyyy',
  3. UsDateMinute': 'M/d/yy H:m', 'MM/dd/yy H:m', 'M/d/yy HH:mm', 'MM/dd/yy HH:mm', 'M/d/yy H:mm', 'MM/dd/yy H:mm'
  4. UsDateTime: 'M/d/yy H:m:s', 'MM/dd/yy H:m:s', 'M/d/yy HH:mm:ss', 'MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss', 'M/d/yy H:mm:ss', 'MM/dd/yy H:mm:ss'
  5. UsDateTimeFull: 'M/d/yyyy H:m:s', 'MM/dd/yyyy H:m:s', 'M/d/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 'MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 'M/d/yyyy H:mm:ss', 'MM/dd/yyyy H:mm:ss'
  6. IsoDate: 'yyyy-MM-dd'
  7. IsoDateTime: 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'
  8. IsoTimestamp: "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z'", "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS", "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss", "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'"

Some examples:

  1. UsDate example: '1/2/22'
  2. UsDateFull example: '1/2/2022'
  3. UsDateMinute example: '1/2/22 9:08'
  4. UsDateTime example: '1/2/22 14:22:30'
  5. UsDateTimeFull example: '1/2/2022 14:22:30'
  6. IsoDate example: '2021-03-12'
  7. IsoDateTime example: '2021-03-12 15:32:45'
  8. IsoTimestamp example: '2021-01-01T20:07:08.595Z'
  9. IsoTimestampZone example: '2021-11-11T04:08:23-09:00'

Continous vs Bounded

When you do time series data analysis, you can choose flexible way to aggregate your values into a time window.

  • Continuous time window: it chunks your selected time range into exactly size of the window you specified by the slider.
  • Bounded time: It aligns the time into a semantic boundary, such as day, week, month, quarter, etc.

Connect HTTP service

Most of the time, we may find bounded time is useful, but if you're analyzing real-time data in a moving window, continous time is better.


Columns has build-in forecast engine to give your data prediction along with time lines. Please check out the Timeline page for details.