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Sign Up / Sign In#

Columns offers multiple ways to sign in its core platform, currently it supports

  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Slack
  • Sing in with Email/password

This is very straightforward, visit sign in page to start.

When you work with specific resources such as Google Spreadsheet, or share your work in Slack workspace, you may be asked to authorize Columns to connect your accounts in those platforms to make it work.

You may connect all external services from your profile page after signed in.

Connect To Services


Once signed in, you will be redirected to your Workspace, from there, you can manage all your assets on Columns.

On your workspace, you can find

  1. Visual: this is your visual gallery with all visuals saved by you.
  2. Data: this is your data catalog where you manage all your data connections.
  3. Story: this is your story library where you manage all your story publications, either private or public.
  4. App: this is your app store where you manage all the web app (dashboard) you created to host all your data insights.

Let's dive into each...