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Changes 2022/11/16

· One min read
Shawn Cao

Changes list

  1. Added a few useful chart types.

    • Tree map - useful for . (found in Tree chart settings)
    • Radar.
    • Boxplot, Dot plot in addition to scatter plot. These are useful for statistics.
    • Big Text: when there is only one number in your query result.
  2. Improved time config in data importing. Timeline function is even more powerful with forecasting.

  3. Support compressed CSV/TSV - these type of files are usually highly compressible. It makes uploading large files much faster and saving lots of storage space.

  4. Better filtering usability - you can easily filter an item from dimension or metric list, also enjoy the auto complete features in fitler editing.

  5. Full tested SSO + team management feature including team workspace.


Columns will bring in a rich text editor where you can easily query and charting your data in a doc. Please get in touch if you are interested in private beta testing.