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Changes 2022/08/01

· One min read
Shawn Cao

Changes list

  1. Completely new visual story workspace

    • Work with multiple different data sources in one visual story.
    • Save mulitple versions in one edit.
    • Brand new data source exploration, get all information about the data you're working on.
    • Get query recommendations from your data without knowning how to analyze it.
  2. Support general chat for each visual story and drop-in-place chats in graph anywhere.

  3. Fine grained access control of your visual story

    • Share with specific individuals (by emails), they will get email notifications.
    • Share with public/everyone with different permission level (viewer, commenter, editor).
  4. Other improvements, such as

    • Support "percentage" format in value format options.
    • Support frame fine tuning bar race experience by introduce frame steps setting.
    • Other UI updates.


  1. Check out our new visual story composer Visual Story

  2. Share with people. Access Settings

  3. Chat with people freely Drop chats