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UX updates

· 2 min read
Shawn Cao

The AI storyteller

As we are planning Columns 2.0, we have fully embraced AI to help you tell a better story with your data. We are excited to share with you the first demo where Columns acts as a storyteller.

User experience updates

We continiously hear from our users and made improvement upon their feedbacks.

Here are some of the updates we made recently:

  1. Better navigation: like we have put My Workspace on all the places possible for signed users to access their workspace. Anything important that could be made inline, we have tuned them too: timeline settings, graph theme, data console, query history, etc.
  2. Query builder: we have made it more intuitive to access the query builder from the Analysis tab directly.
  3. Graph tools: we have made it easier to access the graph tools by moving them to the top, also we have added label to them for easily understand what they do.
  4. AI questions: Upon a dataset connection, we have enabled AI generated questions to your data so that you can easily discover insights from your data.
  5. Screen Width: we introduced screen width options (standard, wide) for you to choose from, so that you can easily switch to fit different device for better view. You can access these options on from your profile drown down menu.